"Alexandra is one of the most compassionate and talented practitioners I have ever had the chance to work with.  She laid out how the session would go, created space for me to ask questions and talk things out and brought amazing insight.  Her energy and approach are gentle and loving and she is totally present with you throughout the whole session.  Although our session was over the phone, she was able to energetically place her hands on pieces of myself I have struggled to access.  I felt so safe, witnessed and supported that I could talk more about and go deeper with painful topics for me.  When our session ended I felt my energy had completely shifted, I was clear and felt open and supported.  I highly recommend working with Alexandra and will be doing so again myself!"   - V . K

"Alexandra is incredible. Her ability to intuitively tap into what is going on is pretty astounding. She has really helped me to be truthful with myself and let go of anxious thoughts. Our sessions have also given me insight on how to communicate with ease in challenging situations. I have worked with her in person and over the phone and both have been equally as valuable."   - L . L

"Alex is gifted at what she does. I have gone to her for acupuncture and for intuitive readings and have always left feeling clarified. She is comforting, keen, and professional. If this is your first reading or your 100th, feel confident that Alex will seamlessly guide you through the session. And she always gives plenty of space for you to process and discuss what she has told you.  These readings have been an amazing tool for me in various points of my life. It's a true talent to be able to read people without needing their story first. I am so impressed by this woman's abilities. Will definitely be a lifelong client of hers."  - J . R


"Though initially unsure if this healing modality was right for me, I've since found it indispensable during those 'stuck' moments in life. The times I have sought Alexandra's intuitive healing out have been when I felt overwhelmed by a life event or decision I wanted to make and when no amount of personal meditation or soul searching revealed a clear answer. With Alexandra I found it remarkably easy to relax into a session and emerge clear-headed with new perspective, resolve, and peace.  I have consulted with Alexandra time and again over the years and will continue to into the future. Her  compassionate and intuitive presence naturally puts me at ease and enables a warm, healing environment."   - C . A

"Alexandra is my counselor when times are tough- when relationships get hard to decipher and life gets mucky.  Her information is right on.  I always end our sessions feeling clear, aligned and at peace about what is and what to do next.  This woman is awesome at what she does and has true wisdom and compassion.  We are all lucky to have her as a resource and I encourage you to receive what she has to offer."   - A . L

"I didn't know what to expect from a session with Alexandra, but she came so highly recommended by a good friend of mine that I was willing to try it.  First, Alexandra's presence is so warm and inviting that I was instantly at ease.  She clearly explained her process and how I could talk with her to make the most of the session.  Right away, she had wonderful, intuitive advice for me and had deep, meaningful insights about some issues that had been bothering me.


I found her advice to be immeasurably helpful.  I left feeling more seen and supported than I have in most regular therapy sessions.  She had a unique way of affirming strengths and presenting wisdom in a way that I felt like I glimpsed my own higher self.  Perhaps I did.  I'd recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking more clarity, insight, and support into their life.."   - D . W

"Alexandra... brings such a profound sincerity and presence to her practice that I couldn't help but feel totally comfortable, disarmed, and most importantly, cared for during my session with her. I will definitely go back for more work, and would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone seeking more insight and clarity into whatever personal issues that may need some special exploration."   - D . C

"I have only had the most positive, clear, incredible experiences when doing a session with Alexandra. She is not only incredibly intuitive but also sweet and easy going. I would highly recommend her for any questions you have regarding your health, finances or relationships.  She has helped me overcome many hard obstacles for my growth spirituality and emotionally... and she has helped me overcome some of my greatest fears and challenges that have produced life changing effects."  - L. . S

 "I continue to be so grateful for Alexandra's healing practice. She has aided me in my ongoing process of  becoming aligned with deep peace and contentment. "  - L . O


"My experience with Alexandra has been nothing short of exceptional.  Both her acupuncture and her intuitive reading skills and gifts stayed with me long after our session ended.  I felt held, seen, and spacious in her presence.  I can feel Alexandra's devotion and dedication to healing work in the world around her.  I felt like there was nothing I couldn't bring up with her, she is game to work on whatever is alive and present for me on any given day.  She is a deep well of knowledge and wisdom, both physically and metaphysically.  I highly recommend Alexandra as a quality practitioner of the highest integrity."  - J . E

"In my session with Alexandra I was welcomed warmly and professionally.  The environment was very comfortable.  She encouraged me to ask any questions I wished, and so I asked questions about my family members. She helped me to resolve questions I had about my role in the healing processes of my loved ones.  The session I had with Alexandra makes me wonder for a world where the care for our souls take precedence over the chitter-chatter of our busy-bodied lives. I recommend Alexandra for anyone who is desiring to know their soul, and I encourage anyone who receives a session from her to ask the hard questions."  

- L . Y