How a Reading Works

What is an intuitive reading?

An Intuitive Reading is a time and space for us to look and feel into the deep and often unseen layers of your life and Self.  Just as an X-ray looks at our bones and an MRI looks at our organs and tissues, Intuitive sight looks at our energy.  Our energy  shows all sorts of particular signs and provides incredibly valuable information.  An Intuitive Reader can interpret this information and share it with you, just as a medical doctor can give you the results of your MRI scan. 


An Intuitive Reading is also is a space where insight and information are invited to flow in to guide you and answer questions that you may have about your life.  There are different perspectives on where this insight flows from so that the Reader can deliver it, but when you experience a reading you can feel that the information is truly personal, trustable and accurate.

An Intuitive Reading is a journey of self-discovery in which you are held in a safe and sacred space.

Why would I get an intuitive reading?

A reading can help bring you clarity when you are feeling chaotic or confused about an issue, life situation or decision.  It can also bring great healing and relief of emotional pain of any kind- whether from a big transition, a challenging life situation or a wound from your past that is affecting your life and showing up in disruptive and unpleasant ways.  People with physical illness and symptoms can also find great information and healing through a reading, as the energetic and emotional layers of illness and symptoms are addressed and often released.  


I find that clients come for Intuitive Readings for three main reasons.

1) For fun!  If you are interested in a Reading for Fun and Self-Discovery, come with an open mind and heart!

2) For assistance with a difficult obstacle, challenge or situation.  Intuitive Reading is an excellent way to find deep clarity when faced with a confusing or difficult life situation.

3) For serious self-growth.  Intuitive Reading is also a way to dive into a period of serious self-examination and self-growth.  Do you feel a calling to know yourself more deeply and to overcome long-term internal and external obstacles, but are not sure who can guide you through it?  I love working with people long-term and through periods of major growth, when they feel ready to grow and don't want to go it alone.

What is it like?

Each session lasts for one hour and your first session begins with me tuning into you and your energy and telling you what I see.  I do this to begin the session, before we discuss your particular issues and questions, so that we have a clean slate for important information to show up.  Hearing information about yourself before telling me about yourself can also help to provide validation for you if you feel it will be difficult for you to trust the intuitive process. Sometimes a particular issue or situation presents itself right away, or I may receive information about your personality or a 'flavor' of energy that is prominent in your energy field.  Although this may sound abstract, everyone finds that they relate with this information in the context of their session- after all, we are looking at and talking about you! 

After this initial tune-in you get to ask any questions about the information that you just received and about any specific topics that you want information or guidance on, or that wants healing.  A session is a mixture of energy reading while we talk, as well as insight and information (sometimes in the form of symbols and healing imagery and sometimes very literal) flowing forward in response to your needs.  The fabric of our Universe holds all of the medicine that we need, and when we ask and are willing to hear and receive, we will receive beautiful information and healing energy from the perfect sources.  Most people find the information that comes through for them during this process extremely trustable because it resonates, even when it is unexpected..

Every once in a while during a reading I am guided to do healing work through traditional shamanic methods such as energy clearing, soul retrieval or other modalities that I am trained in.  

Who can receive an intuitive reading?

Absolutely anyone, including children, couples and animals.

Do I have to see you in person in order to receive a reading?

No!  The intuitive process works just as well long-distance as it does in person, and although it is lovely to be in the same room during a reading, it is not necessary.  The majority of my clients have their sessions by phone.

How often do people get intuitive reading sessions?

Some people schedule a reading when they are facing big decisions or feeling that special guidance or deep healing is needed.  Others utilize intuitive reading as a central, regular part of their self-care and self-growth routine.  For clients who want to engage in these sessions routinely, I recommend having a session every other week which provides important time to integrate between sessions that tend to be thick with information and also, often, lots of internal shifting.  During a time when a lot of support and clarity are needed it is appropriate to receive readings more frequently than this- of course, every person and every case are unique.


For clients receiving routine intuitive sessions with me, we will delve and expand beyond the scope of a one-time reading and work together to unravel difficult areas of both your internal and external life (mostly your internal, and from there, external circumstances shift!).  Many clients refer to these sessions as "turbo-charged therapy" or "therapy-plus", as we unravel the same issues that one would work on in therapy but from a different modality and with energy reading, intuitive channeling and shamanic techniques and knowledge as our tools. 

What will I get from an intuitive reading?

People report feeling "lighter" and "clear-headed" after a reading, and I often hear the comment "I feel like myself again!".  This is accompanied by being able to visibly see that the client has become centered during the course of the session.  What is happening energetically is that the process of a reading brings you out of the stories and the confusion that keep you from feeling clear (and which are actually felt in the body as anxiety or heaviness or fogginess) and into yummy alignment with your true energy that feels clear and light.  If this doesn't seem to make sense, it probably will when you feel the lightness and the shift that a reading can bring.

Clarity is definitely a keyword for what you will receive from a reading, and our sessions together will also help you move towards these qualities in your life: Sincerity, Integrity, Joy, Aliveness, and Understanding about and Love for who you are.

Spirit Animals and Past Lives : 

I have found that many people are interested in learning about their Spirit Animals (what their Spirit Animal is and what message it carries for them) and also about Past Lives.  If you are interested in learning about these topics they are definitely open territory during a reading so please feel free to ask.