About Diamond Star

My work is based in shamanic traditions and in the combination of tools that are natural to me and which I have developed with discipline over many years.  Rather than trying to explain what I do and how, I feel it is most important to explain how my work assists others.  As an intuitive guide, my one-hour sessions with clients penetrate deep to the very roots of the conflicts, questions, ambiguities, emotional pains, physical symptoms and life yearnings that clients show up with.  You don't have to be in conflict or emotional pain to experience an intuitive reading- sometimes the most delightful, profound

and meaningful sessions occur when all is going well!  But what is special about

receiving an intuitive reading is that nothing is too taboo, too strange, too personal or even 

too mundane for us to address.  If you are interested in a session I really encourage you to

read the "how a reading works" page on this website as well as the testimonials.  

These will give you a better understanding for what you will receive in a reading,

although everyone's experience is completely different!

Whether you are interested in experiencing one session or in receiving readings regularly

as part of your self-care routine and journey of self-development, you will always receive

beautiful and positive insights about yourself that serve you in powerful ways and feel

deeply resonant.  You are always able to choose what we focus on

in your sessions and to ask very specific questions. 

I am also a professional Herbalist and Acupuncturist and you can be directed to my

Acupuncture website here). 

Using intuition to work with the deep and often unseen layers of our lives and physical

health has been a natural call for me throughout my life, and to hone and grow this skill I

have been mentored in multiple shamanic traditions and by skilled psychics for the past twelve years.

In March of 2015 I relocated from beautiful Santa Cruz, California to beautiful Boulder, Colorado.